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WELCOME TO INACEB (INDONESIA CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION BUREAU) - Integrating the Wonders - Industry Partnership Prospectus


This small cultural city has a nickname of Kota Pelajar or The City of Students as many young people come to study here. This is the home for one of the most well-established universities in Indonesia, The University of Gadjah Mada.
Not only established for students, Yogya is also now ready to host your MICE events with cutting-edge venues fully integrated with the latest technology.

Easily reached by 32 connecting flights from Jakarta and 25 international direct flights, Yogyakarta welcomes you at its busy Adisucipto International Airport. Step out of the airport and a long array of hotel is at the tip of your thumb to pick. Yogya has 13.000+ hotel rooms with excellent services that will leave a smile on your face during your staying.
Not only airport and hotels, Yogyakarta also provides you with plentiful choices of convention centers. Home of information technology industry sector, Yogyakarta does not miss a spot installing the latest technologies in its entire convention structures. All are ready to host your events, in total Yogyakarta's exhibit space is 8000 square meter and 1.600 square meter for its largest ballroom.
Also home for craft and tourism industry, Yogyakarta is well known for its finest hand made wooden craft, a unique memento that defines the city perfectly. This city has 79 shopping areas that let you pick the souvenirs that match your taste and one of the major shopping area is Malioboro Street. Stroll the street down and purchase some colorful, hand-colored batik along the street.
When it comes to local delicacy, Yogya offers you 630 restaurants all with a galore of traditional food cooked with original recipies and served fresh from the stove. At night, sit down at angkringan and enjoy a cup of hot coffee and tea served with burning charcoal.
If you are up to history tourism, Borobudur Temple is the site you do not want to miss. Build centuries ago without any assistance of technology, the temple now sits grandly in northwest of Yogyakarta. Experience the magical feeling of watching the sunrise in this ancient site. Another attraction that you should never miss is Keraton Yogyakarta, a place where the Sultan and his family lives. Get inside the palace and feel the majestic atmosphere of one of the oldest kesultanan in Indonesia.